Welcome to Summit Marketing Agency, Inc.

We are a team of thinkers, doers, designers, and servers.  We get a kick out of problem solving and take pride in balancing innovation and experience to enable high-performing marketing.

We know Social Media Marketing is a cost effective and highly targeted marketing channel. What makes us unique is that we certainly can assist you to advertise to your audiences based on their interests, likes, age, location, and more.  We understand that traditional advertising like radio, television, billboards, and magazines may not be the clientele you are looking for.

We offer Online Marketing Services to meet YOUR business needs. We guarantee our performance.

We help Businesses of all sizes, no matter your industry. Whether you are a Dentist, a Doctor, a Beauty Salon Owner, a Mechanic Shop Owner, a Manufacturer, a Restaurant Owner, a Nails Salon Owner, our goal is improve your google search ranking and review rating to drive customers to your website and your social media pages and help you convert them into customers.